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Upcoming Elections

Primary Election - Tuesday, August 13, 2024
Fall Election - Tuesday, November 5, 2024

To find your polling place, see a sample ballot, or register to vote, go to


Current News, Resources, and Issues in the August Election

Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot:

Two questions will appear on the August ballot:

  • Question 1:“Delegation of appropriation power. Shall section 35 (1) of article IV of the constitution be created to provide that the legislature may not delegate its sole power to determine how moneys shall be appropriated?”

  • Question 2:“Allocation of federal moneys. Shall section 35 (2) of article IV of the constitution be created to prohibit the governor from allocating any federal moneys the governor accepts on behalf of the state without the approval of the legislature by joint resolution or as provided by legislative rule?”

These confusing amendments are the Republican Party’s attempt to take away the Governor’s responsibility to quickly disburse important federal emergency funds.


These amendments are undemocratic because:


1. They block quick emergency responses 

2. Will lead to more gridlock in the Legislature (remember, during our covid epidemic the Republican Legislatures would not meet for more than 300 days!) 

3. Eliminates our constitutional checks and balances 

**These amendments are Speaker Robin Vos’s attempt to take power from Governor Tony Evers


For many voters in Sheboygan County these amendments will be the ONLY item on the ballot. It is critically important to VOTE NO on both of these amendments

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