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With the country back on track, let's turn to Wisconsin!

by Ben Wikler We cannot underestimate the mess Donald Trump and his biggest enablers, including Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Mike Gallagher, made in Wisconsin. From the pandemic, which has infected around half a million Wisconsinites, to the Trump tax scam that incentivized companies to send American jobs offshore — we have a lot of rebuilding to do.

Republicans like Johnson and Gallagher fueled Trump’s attack on our democratic processes, helping incite a violent mob at our nation’s Capitol, and have not been held accountable… yet.

Now, we have a real shot at holding Trump’s biggest supporters accountable: in 2022, the biggest Senate race in the nation will focus on our work to take down Ron Johnson AND we have the chance to kick Mike Gallagher out of the House.

But here’s the challenge: to launch a massive campaign like this is going to take time and resources — over 30% of Wisconsinites have no opinion of Ron Johnson at all.

Sunday at midnight marks our first big test of this new era in American politics and we need to raise $25,000 if we’re going to build up our infrastructure to win.

Our recent poll shows that a growing majority of Wisconsinites say that Johnson should be replaced in the Senate — not just for inciting a riot, but for pandering to Trump at every moment of his administration.

And many of them don’t even know the full story of Republicans’ lies. That’s why it is so important that we gather the resources we need to launch a massive public education campaign and, ultimately, flip these seats blue.

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