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Weekly Field Update

Hello everyone,

I've got some exciting news. As you all know, this is arguably the most important election of our lifetimes and here at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, we're doing everything we can to ensure we win big in November.

That said, I am so excited to welcome John Christenson to the team. He'll be joining us as another full-time organizer here in the county. Moving forward, I'll be the organizing folks in the town and city of Sheboygan and John will be taking over the rest of the county.

You can contact John at 920-395-3750 or over email at

This of course, is a little bittersweet for me. Although I'm grateful that we have more staff organizing this wonderful county, I will certainly miss chatting with many of you. You are all my biggest source of energy for doing this work and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with many of you.

Fortunately, I'm a fellow Sheboygan Co. resident and I'm sure that in a post COVID-19 world, I'll see you all around so it's definitely not a forever goodbye, but as a heads up, this will be the last newsletter you'll be receiving from me if you live outside of the town and city of Sheboygan.

Lastly, listed below are upcoming events for the week. I hope you can join us!

Neighborhood Action Team - Informational Meeting

Vote Tripling Training (re-scheduled)

  • What's even more effective than canvassing and phone calls? Vote Tripling! Come sign up for our quick training to learn what vote tripling is so that we can turn out as many votes as we can this year!

  • Date: Saturday, July 18th

  • Time: 2pm

  • Sign Up

Upcoming Weekend of Action

  • Our second weekend of action this summer is quickly approaching! We'll be calling voters we've never talked to before to discuss the issues that matter most to them. Join us so that we can do the work now, to win big in November!

  • Date & Times:

  • Saturday, July 25th

  • 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm

  • Sunday, July 26th

  • 12pm, 3pm, 6pm

Let me know if you have any questions, thank you so much! All the best,

Dominique Lee (she/her)

Town & City of Sheboygan Field Organizer

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