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Trump-backed postmaster general plans to slow mail delivery

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming and less than 100 days until the General Election, we were already working harder than ever before to ensure a safe and secure election come November.

But now, another unanticipated road block is threatening to reverse our progress: Instead of increasing the budget for the United States Postal Service -- which is responsible for delivering all mail-in ballots -- the current administration is intentionally slowing down mail delivery.

In an election that will be held increasingly by mail, this slow-down is not just inconvenient. It threatens the security and integrity of the entire election -- and that’s why we have to push back.

In Wisconsin, Georgia, and so many other state primaries, we saw that elections during a pandemic can be devastating -- even deadly -- when voters are forced to head to the polls without secure vote-by-mail options and proper social distancing on site.

And if Americans cannot count on the USPS to deliver their ballots securely and in a timely manner, we risk seeing these tragedies repeat themselves across the country.

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