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The Post Office Needs Your Voice!

While most Americans are under stay-at-home orders, the U.S. Postal Service has never been more important for Americans receiving essentials, staying in touch with loved ones, accessing medicines, and more. But unfortunately, it’s on the brink of collapse.

The Postal Service recently warned Congress that they’re on the verge of completely running out of cash in the next few months, putting our mail service as well as 630,000 jobs – many filled by veterans – at risk.

The Postal Service is seeing a decline in revenue, like nearly everyone else, due to the pandemic and shutdown. But its financial situation looks far worse because of a requirement imposed by Congress to pre-fund its pension obligations for 75 years, something no other business or government agency has to do. None of that changes the fact that millions of Americans and our economy rely on the Postal Service.

The Postal Service is asking Congress to support legislation to make sure it can continue to offer customers the level of service we all expect, but so far the President and Congressional Republicans are refusing.

In addition to crippling or privatizing the postal service, a long-standing goal of Republicans, this has the added benefit of disenfranchising Americans who vote by mail. During a pandemic, that would once again force people to choose their vote or their health — just as Wisconsin Republicans attempted to do.

That’s why I’m asking: will you add your name to call on Trump to provide funding and save the U.S. Postal Service ASAP?

Everyone uses the postal service in some way or another. Including to vote. If enough of us raise our voices right now, together we can save it before it’s too late. – a message from Adam Schiff

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