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This moment is more urgent than it may seem: Our party saw tremendous success last cycle because we invested early. The DNC’s programs, from digital organizing to voter protection, worked because we had the time and the resources to build them carefully, strategically, and to scale.

That’s why Sunday’s deadline is so important -- because it will lay the groundwork for our success not just in 2021, but in 2022 and 2024, too. Our Democratic majorities are slim. And Republicans at the state and local level will not only continue to promote the harmful policies instituted under Donald Trump -- but actively try to undermine the progress made by the Biden-Harris administration.

By renewing your DNC membership today, your support will move the needle in the future elections we need to win if we want to expand our Democratic majorities. That means building up our organizing infrastructure in every state, investing full-scale in state parties, fighting voter suppression, and ultimately electing Democrats who will fight for the Biden-Harris agenda at every level. That’s why I have to ask:

Will you renew your DNC membership by making a $7 donation to the DNC before Sunday’s deadline? As a special thanks for investing early in the future of our party, we’ll send you your own personalized Official 2021 DNC Membership Card.

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