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Join Coach Mike Holmgren in supporting Joe Biden!

Coaching the Green Bay Packers to a Superbowl victory was incredible, but right now I’m focused on achieving a victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Join me in supporting the Democratic Party of Wisconsin as they mobilize voters to defeat Donald Trump in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin. Chip in now →

It’s easy to coach when things go perfectly, but the true test of leadership is what happens when things are tough. Trump is failing this moment of leadership.

I want to be told the truth. Whether it is related to the global pandemic or anything else. Our current president is not known for telling the truth.

My daughter is a doctor and my wife Kathy is a nurse. They have been getting mixed messages about the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like with coaching, a clear message should come from the top, but we’re not getting accurate information from President Trump.

If you agree the United States of America needs a coaching change, chip in now →

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