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Good News for the Mary Lynne Donohue Campaign!

Coming to you with news that more of our beautiful new yard signs are in and looking for a good home.  They are available at Sheboygan Democratic Party HQ on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm and on Saturdays 11-2 at 816 Erie Ave in Sheboygan—just look for the hearts!  If you need a sign brought to you, contact the campaign at

The Donohue campaign also has some glorious 4'x4' signs–big and beautiful.  For these signs, it would be great to have a fairly well-traveled road in front of your yard.  Contact the campaign to receive a 4x4 at

I have to say that it's been nice to see a lot of green popping up everywhere–here's to a sea of green!

****It's a BBQ--drive through on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, in front of campaign headquarters, at 418 St. Clair Avenue in Sheboygan. We're running from 11a-2p, with pulled pork sandwiches, creamy coleslaw, and beans.  We're also selling wonderful vegetarian egg rolls.  Walk, bike, drive on by for lunch; we’ll be doing it safely! (Bonus! You can also get a yard sign!)

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