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Coronavirus: Problem Makers & Problem Solvers

Coronavirus is here.

We don’t know how much or what to do about it, but Republicans are trying to politicize it.

National leadership is fractured and ineffectual. Even Ms. Manners has noted it.

Biden Addresses Trump’s Coronavirus Mismanagement in Virtual Wisconsin Appearances. Click on image to read full article.

State Democratic leadership is forceful, thoughtful and focused on specifically Wisconsin


State Launches $25M Rental Assistance Program As Eviction Moratorium Ends. Click on image to read full article.

Republicans decried to this tyranny, demanded input and then declined to give it. Their

position seems to be that every Wisconsinite already knows enough to decide for themselves what to do about this public health threat. And yesterday, angry small-government enthusiasts sued to withdraw power from potentially all public health units in the state.

Lawsuit filed against various Wis. health leaders over stay-at-home orders. Click on image for full article.

Ron Johnson continues the fever dream side of Wisconsin politics on the national scale. For

three years, he says, he has been quietly investigating whether it was Ukraine and not Russia that interfered with the 2016 election. We hear about this only when Trump does

something really ugly from which Republicans need a distraction. This week was such a

week as he decided to investigate Democratic leadership for actions well in the past, and

put on his tin hat to rant about them on the national stage.

Republican-led Senate panel authorizes subpoena in Hunter Biden probe. Click image for full article.

Meanwhile, if you want testing data in Sheboygan County, the Health Department updates

statistics regularly and this is reported in a daily update in the Sheboygan Press.

Unfortunately, Sheboygan is not yet, and has no plans yet to, test widely to determine

general prevalence of the Coronavirus in the local population. Tests are theoretically

available to those with symptoms, but you have to get a medical authorization and these

can be difficult to get if you don’t seem seriously ill. The National Guard however will be in

town testing people who have symptoms next weekend; and Ozaukee County is providing

testing open even to non-symptomatic people, by appointment. Requirements and procedures vary widely; check before you drive!

COVID-19 testing at fairgrounds May 28-30. Click image for full article.

In this vacuum of knowledge and trust, even the County Board meeting was raucous this

week, with some members arguing that public health readiness should be delayed until we are already in the midst of a surge of cases. Come on people. Remember common sense?!

If you hit a paywall, Messenger us on Facebook we will forward the text of the article; it’s important to know what your local representatives do.

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