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80K votes still being suppressed

Last year, Governor Phil Murphy scored a major victory for voting rights in New Jersey when he restored the right to vote to over 80,000 people who are on probation or parole.

And yet, by the time the law took effect in March and primary elections rolled around, many of these newly-eligible voters did not even know that their rights had been restored.

Granting access to the ballot box is only the first step -- and rights can’t be truly restored if voters aren’t made aware of changes in the law.

That’s why we’re calling on New Jersey to notify all re-enfranchised voters and let them know that their voices can -- and will -- be heard. Sign the petition right now and demand action from Governor Murphy and NJ legislators.

By the time many of these voters found out they could cast their ballots, it was too late to register. And even now, many of these Americans still don’t know their rights have been restored.

Our votes are our voice, and every eligible American deserves to speak out and be heard.

But, right now, their voices -- and their votes -- are still being suppressed.

We must act now and ensure that all voters will be able to cast their ballot in the November general election. Add your name right now in support of notifying newly-eligible voters of their re-enfranchised status.

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