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139 Days of Republican Laziness

Following a senseless police shooting of Jacob Blake, Governor Evers and Lieutenant Governor Barnes called on the legislature to convene a special session to address police brutality yesterday, August 31. This call comes after 2 months of waiting on the legislature to act on a police accountability and transparency package, and 139 days waiting for the legislature to pass any bills at all. 

Yet, once again, Republicans have refused to show up to work. Instead of passing bills, they adjourned the session in less than 30 seconds after gaveling in.

The bills to be considered were only a start to addressing continuous and alarming police brutality and systemic racism in our state. Wisconsin is ranked among one of the worst in the nation for racial disparities, and Republicans are refusing to even begin to address the issues that exist. 

Every single person in this state should be enraged. Wisconsinites have been demanding that they show up to provide much-needed relief for our families, address inequities in our communities, and protect our frontline workers. Yet, it is still not enough for our Republican lawmakers to show up to work.

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