What's on the Ballot?

For every upcoming election, there are major contests that are on all the county ballots. We'll be highlighting those contests to delineate the differences between the candidates.

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Election Results
April 7, 2020 Primary

Winner: Jill Karofsky

Updated April 14, 2020

Liberal candidate Jill Karofsky received 856,470 votes compared to ultra-conservative Daniel Kelly's 692,976 votes, giving her a commanding 55.3% majority. 

Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article for more on the significance of this election.



Winner: Lisa Neubauer

Incumbent Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, Lisa Neubauer received 231,928 votes, holding off challenger Paul Bugenhagen, who received 197,062, giving her 54.1% of the vote and six more years on the Court of Appeals.

Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article for more on these election results.


Winner: Marsy's Law

Wisconsin voters have approved a change to the state constitution aimed at increasing the number of rights crime victims have in the judicial process.

As of April 13, 2020, with 96 percent of precincts reporting, more than 75 percent voted in favor of Marsy's Law and just less than 24.6 percent voted against it. 

“Additional rights of crime victims. Shall section 9m of article I of the constitution, which gives certain rights to crime victims, be amended to give crime victims additional rights, to require that the rights of crime victims be protected with equal force to the protections afforded the accused while leaving the federal constitutional rights of the accused intact, and to allow crime victims to enforce their rights in court?”

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