Election Day


What's on the Ballot?

For every upcoming election, there are major contests that are on all the county ballots. We'll be highlighting those contests to delineate the differences between the candidates.

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Upcoming Election
February 16, 2021 
Primary Election

Ryan Sorenson

I grew up here, graduated from South High School, and after graduating from UW-Milwaukee, returned home to give back to the community that has given me so much. I have the energy, passion, and experience to help Sheboygan reach its full potential. But to do that, we cannot be satisfied with the status quo. I know how to bring people together to get things done. We can improve our roads, develop affordable housing, maintain our excellent police and fire departments, and provide real support to small businesses while holding the line on taxes.


Mike Vandersteen

I love Sheboygan. I enjoy meeting and listening to residents to build a better Sheboygan. The people of Sheboygan deserve experienced, positive leadership. I make a personal commitment to Sheboygan residents to continue to move Sheboygan forward. I take pride in business growth, new housing and infrastructure projects we, as a community, have achieved. I firmly believe that my working to make Sheboygan a safe, affordable place to live, work and play is essential for continued growth. It has been an honor to serve two terms as your mayor that have brought Sheboygan to an exciting point in terms of economic development and vitality.


James Tesauro

Owner of online auction company, ImLiveAuctions; co-owner of related company VetsPicks; co-owner of bakery in Kansas; bachelor's degree in political science from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut

Relevant experience: Nine years in the Army

jill underly.png

Underly says she will fight for quality early childhood in all zip-codes, mental health resources in school and is against private school voucher expansion.

deborah kerr.jpeg

Kerr is focused on literacy and numeracy skills, involving families in the education process and fostering partnerships between schools.

steve krull.jpg

Krull will fight for higher salaries for teachers, investing in special education and eliminating student debt through a student-loan-to-home program that ensures all college graduates have eligibility for a home mortgage.


Her campaign says she supports developing a diverse teacher workforce, eliminating achievement gaps and elevating home-based parental involvement in the education process.


Gunderson says he will fight for affordable daycare, improving the connection between secondary and post-secondary institutions and supporting programs to attract new teachers to Wisconsin schools.

joe fenrick.jpg

He plans to fight for emphasizing quality teaching over high test scores, highly-trained educational staff in every school and updating classroom technology.

sheila briggs.jpg

Briggs supports state government fully funding Wisconsin public schools, ensuring demographics don’t affect quality of education and all teachers receiving rigorous training.

Rebecca Versey.jpg

Rebecca M. Versey

Santino Laster.jpeg

Santino Laster

josh fick.jpeg

Josh Fick

Christopher Domagalski.jpg

Christopher Domagalski

marcos guevara.jpg

Marcos Guevara

Katie Checolinski.jpeg

Katie L. Checolinski

Ryan Burg.jpeg

Ryan Burg

Arush Chahal.jpeg

Arush Chahal

Current Village of Adell Trustee

Owner of the Random Lake Citgo

Jim Jentsch.jpg

Jim Jentsch

Current Village of Adell Trustee
Owner of Jim's Home Repair & Yard Maintenance

No Current Photo Available. (1).png

Jay Stepp