Social Security

Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare Reform, Food Safety

New Deal, Great Society, Peace Corp, Vista, Job Corp

Civil Rights, Women’s Right to Vote, Equal Rights, Voting Rights Act,

Motor Voter

Equal Pay Act

 Consumer Protection, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,

Banking and Wall Street Regulations, Security and Exchange Commission,

 Funding for Science, Medical and Engineering Research, Space Exploration,

Federal Reserve System, Anti-trust Legislation

National Science Foundation,

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

 Support for Public Education, Head Start,

School Lunch and Breakfast Programs

 National Labor Relations Board, 8 Hr. Work Day, 40 Hr. Work Week,

Overtime, Unemployment Benefits, Workers’ Compensation, Minimum Wage,

 Environmental Protection, Increased National Parks and Wilderness Areas,

 Federal Emergency Management Agency

Child Labor Laws

Endangered Species Act

 Veterans’ Benefits, GI Bill

 United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Marshall Plan

 Vehicle Safety Requirements, Reduced Emissions, Fuel Economy Standards,

Corporate Average Fuel Economy

 Tennessee Valley Authority

 Federal Loan Program

 Public Broadcasting System

 Economic Growth (Democratic Presidents: Woodrow Wilson through 

Barack Obama)