Big news. The Senate cancelled their floor session yesterday because they don’t have the votes on the bills to bring corporate funding into Wisconsin elections for the first time in history or to get rid of the Government Accountability Board (GAB), our elections watchdog agency.

Your calls are working! Thank you.

But Americans for Prosperity, a group run by the Koch brothers, is starting ads this week in many of the Republican senate districts where support for these two bills is in question.

We need to make sure they hear from all of us this week. Let’s prove groups run by out-of-state billionaires can’t drown out the voice of the people. Write or call senators this week to let them know you don’t support getting rid of the GAB (SB 294) or bringing unlimited corporate donations into Wisconsin (SB 292). And please spread the word to your family, neighbors and friends about these important issues.

If three Republican senators refuse to back these bills, they won’t pass.

You will find the contact information below for the senators who are on the fence for these bills or being targeted by the ads from Americans for Prosperity. Please also consider calling your local newspapers and ask them to editorialize against these bills. If you need more information about what these bills will do, please visit the “Action Alert” section of the DPW website.

Thank you for everything you have done so far to help stop these bills that strike at the foundation of transparency and fairness for our government.

Senators who need to hear from us about changes to GAB and campaign finance

Senator Robert Cowles – [email protected] or 608-266-0484.

Senator Shelia Harsdorf – [email protected] or 608-266-7745

Senator Luther Olsen – [email protected] or 608-266-0751

Senator Jerry Petrowski – [email protected] or 608-266-2502

Senator Richard Gudex – [email protected] or 608-266-5300

Senator Howard Marklein – [email protected] or 608-266-0703

Senator Terry Moulton – [email protected] or 608-266-7511

Any legislator can be reached toll free through the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472.