Former (and future) Sen. Feingold gave a lively, animated speech at the Sheboygan Dems falls dinner this past Saturday night, focusing on the burden of student loan debt, and also touching on job creation and the need to preserve and strengthen Social Security.

He took aim at his opponent’s views on these and other topics, chastising Sen. Ron Johnson for failing to understand how families are stressing out about student loan debt, and for referring to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.

Feingold also chastised GOP presidential candidates who attack and demean ethnic and religious minorities, many of whom contribute mightily to Wisconsin’s economy.
About Donald Trump’s denigrating of immigrants: “How would you like to be an 8 or 10-year-old Latino child right now, in Sheboygan, hearing the presidential front-runner saying those kinds of things about people from your community?”

About Ben Carson saying he couldn’t support a Muslim president: “Whatever happened to ‘anyone born in this country can grow up to be president?’ Whatever happened to THAT value?”
He also said he was looking forward to this week’s Democratic presidential primary debate, because it will reveal a real contrast to the American public. “We’re gonna have adults up there … you know, people who treat each other with respect.”