Democratic legislators representing people and communities all over Wisconsin are living up to the spirit of Abraham Lincoln’s vision – “of, by, and for the People.” This stands in stark contrast to Republicans who continue to betray the trust of the people by pursuing an agenda that favors the politically connected, gives away more public resources to their wealthy political supporters, and leaves more of our families and neighbors behind.

Democrats believe that our state has a responsibility to all people, not just the privileged few who use money and power to buy political favor. Here are just some of the actions Democratic legislators are taking for the people:

Senator Erpenbach (Middleton) and Representative Considine (Portage) – Have called for responsible legislative solutions to address a critical safety issue in many communities statewide – the shortage and low morale of corrections officers. Senator Erpenbach and Representative Considine recognize our responsibility to care for those who protect all of us. Paraphrasing their joint press release, “healthy and safe employees make for healthy and safe communities.”[1]

Representatives Kolste (Janesville) and Jorgensen (Milton) – Have introduced a bill (AB304) to protect the people of Wisconsin from having their tax dollars wasted on greed and corruption. In multiple audits, WEDC has been exposed for irresponsibly wasting public money by using it as a slush fund for Republican political cronies. Their bill would ensure that the public investment in our future is used responsibly, not for lining the pockets of greedy political cronies while people lose their jobs in Wisconsin communities. [2]

Representative Shankland (Stevens Point) and Senator Hansen (Green Bay) – Have introduced a proposal to protect the people of Wisconsin from having our tax dollars wasted on political self-promotion. Millions of dollars that should be invested in public education, infrastructure, and other important resources our communities need are being irresponsibly wasted to promote just one person’s national political ambitions. Representative Shankland and Senator Hansen know that our first responsibility is to all our families and neighbors – not the political ambitions of one person.[3]

Senator Vinehout (Alma) – Has long been leading the effort to create a Wisconsin Health Insurance Exchange. Senator Vinehout’s plan would provide people with greater opportunity to obtain health insurance in their community. Senator Vinehout’s proposals would provide people with the services they need to live a healthy life in diverse communities all over Wisconsin. She knows that we have no greater responsibility than for the health of our families, friends, and neighbors. Healthy people make for a healthy community for everyone.[4]

All of these Democratic legislators and their colleagues represent the Wisconsin way – caring for our families, friends, neighbors, and the future of our communities. Democrats will continue to take on this responsibility on behalf of the people who elected us.