With just four weeks until Election Day, Scott Walker is still in the toughest fight of his political career. The race for governor is a dead heat and the governor is facing the real possibility of losing in November.

Walker is in trouble, and he knows it.

That makes the Republican Party nervous, evidenced by the absence of bold ideas to turn Wisconsin around and their constant attacks on Mary Burke.

Scott Walker and Republicans are desperate to talk about anything other than the number one issue on the minds of voters: jobs.

In 2010, Scott Walker made it a point to repeat his 250,000 jobs promise early and often. Now, with just five weeks until Election Day, Walker won’t even utter his central 2010 campaign promise.

The governor failed so miserably at creating jobs in his first term that he’s run away from his record, Walker simply can’t defend not reaching 50 percent of his state goal. Not to mention, Wisconsin continues to hemorrhage jobs – the state shed 4,300 jobs in August alone.

Instead of being a champion of the working class, Walker has dismissed the topic altogether through his perpetual silence. He hasn’t addressed the issue of job creation—or, more correctly, the lack thereof—in weeks.

Even when Chris Christie (governor of New Jersey and Walker’s GOP partner in crime) helped him campaign at a rally in Hudson, the two focused more on attacking opposing Democratic candidate Mary Burke than discussing ideas for job creation.

Under Walker’s stewardship, Wisconsin is ranked dead last for job creation in the Midwest. The state’s private sector growth is averaging 1.35% compared to a 2.2% average on a national scale, not to mention that Wisconsin now faces a $1.8 billion structural deficit; its clear to see why Walker is happy to discuss anything other than the real problems citizens face each day.

With the November election fast approaching, we have a new chance at a brighter future. Wisconsin needs a leader who deals with problems directly and with integrity instead of one who would rather distract voters from the issues that matter.

It’s time to bring struggling families out of the dark and put a paycheck in their hands.

From: http://wisdems.org/news/blog/view/2014-10-scott-walker-running-from-his-record-on-jobs