It seems like every day there’s another story about Scott Walker’s latest pay-to-play scandal that greased the skids for his political backers to receive a $500,000 taxpayer-funded grant intended to promote Wisconsin’s sporting heritage.

In case you missed it, here’s how it’s played out:

  • Republicans rigged a half-a-million dollar grant so it’s tailored specifically for United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, a Tea Party group with close ties to Walker and other top Republicans;
  • Caught red-handed, Walker phoned in (from a presidential campaign trip in Seattle) a hasty withdrawal, even after he had used his veto power to shore up the grant for United Sportsmen;
  • But not before we found out that United Sportsmen, who proudly endorsed Walker in the recall and have close ties to the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity, had falsified its federal tax status and didn’t even have any experience with hunting and fishing programs.

This positively reeks of corruption. That’s why we’re calling for a thorough investigation of the grant process and Scott Walker’s role in making sure his political backers got the cash. Join us in calling for an independent investigation of Walkergate, Vol. 2: Add your name today.

But wait, there’s even more.

The other day we found out that the Walker administration withheld a warning from the federal government that going through with the grant could cause the state to lose $28 million in federal funds.

And today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Terry Kohler, a Wisconsin mega-donor who’s spent nearly $2 million trying to buy elections for Republicans like Scott Walker, was lobbying on the controversial grant alongside R.J. Johnson, whose name might sound familiar from his time heading up Club for Growth and as a Walker campaign consultant.

It’s as dirty as dirty gets. Wisconsinites need some kind of reassurance that the rule of law still applies, even to Scott Walker and his Republican Party. Add your name to our petition and join us in calling for an independent investigation of Scott Walker’s latest scandal.