Do you want us to move forward? Or do you want us to go backward 50 years? That’s what we’re staring at this election. Come next Wednesday morning, I want to be able to wake up to a bright future.

I want to build on the gains we’ve made over the last four years for civil rights, for women’s health, for healthcare in general, for the middle class, for veterans, for renewable energy, for science, for students, and for our standing around the world.

That will not happen in a Romney/Ryan administration and it will not happen without your help in getting Barack Obama and Joe Biden re-elected.

We’ve got four days left. Four days to Get Out The Vote. Four days where we need you, where Wisconsin needs you, and where President Obama needs you.

There’s no time left but the present to make sure this future happens. Please give what time you can, now through Election day at the Obama for America/Democratic Headquarters (816 Erie Ave., Sheboygan) For more information or to volunteer, call us at (920)395-5540.

Thank you,

Andrew Bubb
Sheboygan Co. Dems