So, Halloween is over and we have only one thing left to do… Get Out The Vote! This weekend through Election Day is our last opportunity to do just that.

Healthcare, Civil Rights, Education, Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid, Taxes, the Economy, Jobs, the Middle Class, Afghanistan…

Barack Obama and Joe Biden could not further apart from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on these issues. We are making progress and we cannot allow or afford the gains made in the last four years to be taken back.

We need you, for even just a few hours on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, to knock on doors, make phone calls or hang door tags. If you’ve never done it before, now is the time. We will show you how.

At this point our mission is to talk to people we’ve already spoken to over the last several months and making sure they know how, where, and when to vote. We need to make sure these people get to the polls and help them if they have any questions or are in need of assistance.

If you’re uncomfortable talking to people altogether, we need help on Monday with Door Tags. This is great exercise and all you have to do is place information sheets at people’s homes around the county.

If you’ve been with us from the start, thank you again. If you were with us before but haven’t been involved yet this time around, welcome back!