This is our last chance to make sure President Obama, Vice President Biden, Tammy Baldwin and all our Democratic candidates’ supporters get out and VOTE.  Wisconsin is critical for the President and Sheboygan County will play an incredibly important role in determining the outcome of the election for the state!

We will continue making calls to volunteers and knocking on doors all week, but…

Starting Saturday morning our final GOTV (Get Out The Vote) operations will get underway. We will be contacting voters we’ve identified as Democratic supporters and making sure they have either already voted or are committed to vote on Election Day. On Monday we will be hanging GOTV reminder tags on doors to make sure that every last Democratic supporter Gets Out To Vote!

Here are the shifts we need you to help fill. A few hours or more could mean the difference this election.

Saturday, November 3rd: Canvass – 9a-12p, 12p-3p, 3p-6p & 6p-9p
Sunday, November 4th: Canvass – 9a-12p, No calls/doors during Packer game, 3p-6p & 6p-9p
Monday, November 5th: Door Tags – 9a-12p, 12p-3p, 3p-6p & 6p-9p
ELECTION DAY, Tuesday, November 6th: GOTV Voter Contact Canvass!! – 8a-11a, 11a-2p, 2p-5p & 5p-8p

As of this weekend we will focus our efforts on getting identified Democratic voters to the polls.  The only things we will need to do from Saturday on is contacting these individuals and seeing if they will commit to vote or have already voted. On Monday we will be hanging door tags to remind people of their polling locations and the importance of voting Democratic.

There’s no more convincing to be done after Friday, just reaching out to people we’ve found to be our supporters and making sure they GET OUT TO VOTE!