One last weekend before the final push!

Please call or email Amanda Stys, our OFA Field Organizer, to volunteer. Her number is (920)445-3805 and her email is [email protected].

I want to share this message from one of the campaign’s most active volunteers about the reward that comes from, and the difference you can make, volunteering to help President Obama and the Democratic ticket win this election.

“(13) days left…until the election. Unfortunately the race is too close in WI. All of you already know this. On Election Day WI could go either way….Obama’s campaign needs more help from you these last 2 weeks…

…This past weekend I was training a couple of new volunteers on how to knock on doors and we had a delightful conversation with a strong Obama supporter…

“Oh…I don’t need that literature…I am definitely voting for Obama.”
“Did you know that you can vote early….starting at on Monday(Oct 22)…at City Hall”
“Yes, you can vote at City Hall from 8am-5pm from Oct. 22nd to Nov.2nd”
“Hmmm, I might just do that”
“Great…and why don’t you keep the literature to share with someone else…this election is very important”
“Sure…why not? “

Knocking on doors is what keeps me going in this campaign….the number of people who support Obama has been very high…but the voters are unaware of where their voting poll is (since either they have moved since the last election and/or their polling station changed its location this past Spring). These next 10 days we can tell them that they can go to CITY HALL right now to register to vote and VOTE. We can even arrange for them to get a ride.

It is interesting to me how people are still unaware that Tammy Baldwin is running for Senate or that Mike Helmke is no longer our Sheriff. Going door to door allows us to share that if you already support President Obama…he needs to have a good person like Tammy Baldwin in the Senate so that his important bills (the Recovery Job Act, etc.) will be passed. Mike Helmke has a great reputation in our county (33 years in the Sheriff’s office) and people need to know that he is running for the Assembly seat. He will truly know how to represent us!”

Just  a few more things:

* The Helmke campaign would like to Lit Drop the whole city of Sheboygan Falls on Saturday starting at 9am (stop in the office to get your small map section and literature). This is easy…no talking required. Just leave the literature between the doors or under the mat. His opponent has spent thousands on mailers…we need your help to get Mike Helmke’s good literature into the hands of voters. Pick up the map and literature anytime on Saturday.

*Volunteer for going door to door or driving someone to do door to door:

Thurs. Oct 25th  10-7pm
Friday Oct 26th   10-7pm
Saturday Oct 27th 9am 12pm 3pm 6pm (and anytime that works for you).
Sunday….no door to door….due to Packer Game…late afternoon one could phone volunteers.

*Nov 3-6th…please look at your calendar to see how you can help on one of these days. We need 125 people each day (knocking on doors, Mon – hang door tags (no talking required), calling volunteers, data entry, etc)

Thanks, Maeve!