Last night America saw President Obama as our Commander-in-Chief.  We also saw that Mitt Romney is clearly not ready to lead us on the world stage. President Obama won the debate because he has a clear and concise strategy on foreign policy and he has not wavered in his vision to make America safer and to continue to project leadership throughout the world.

Mitt Romney has failed the Commander-in-Chief test at every turn including many times during last night’s debate.  What we saw last night of Romney’s policies are just reckless and wrong, but most times he was just unclear, uncertain and unsteady.

Over the last six years Mitt Romney has been running for President he has been wrong on every foreign policy issue including: Iraq, Afghanistan, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Syria, Russia and defense spending.  Agreeing with President Obama on these issues over the course of a 90 minute debate can’t erase this history.

Mitt Romney wants to regress to the failed policies of the past. He wants to regress to the foreign policy of the 1980s.  He wants to regress to the social policy of the 1950s. He wants to regress to the economic policy of the 1920s. President Obama knows what Mr. Romney wants to go back to and so do we.

President Obama has a vision for leadership at home and abroad that will give us progress, not regress. His policies will build on the successes of the last four years, honor those of us who have given so much for our freedom – our veterans, rebuild our infrastructure here at home so that we can project strength abroad, and continue to move us forward, not into the past.