There are ten jobs that we need people to fill every day:

  1. Working with a partner to knock on the doors of undecided voters (honestly, this is the most important job…and most energizing)
      You can arrange this to fit your schedule anytime during the week or weekend. Grab a friend and knock on doors in the afternoons/evenings
  2. Calling undecided voters from the Obama Headquarters
      You can arrange this for any time you are available between 10am-8pm Mon-Sat and 12:00pm – 6pm on Sun (no calls will be made during the Packers!)
  3. Driving someone who wants to knock on doors (sign up to help the canvassers reach more homes)
  4. Sitting at front desk in Obama office to greet people (sign up to greet people, sign them up for jobs, sell signs, buttons, t-shirts)
  5. Calling volunteers the day before their volunteer shift with a happy reminder
  6. Entering the results of the phone bank/canvassing into the computer
  7. Preparing the packets of maps and literature for volunteers going door to door.
  8. Organizing the packets of phone lists and scripts for the phone bank workers.
  9. Writing letters to the editor
  10. Donating snacks and water to the volunteers (adopt a day to deliver something to the office)

Please stop in the office between 10am and 8pm to sign up to help with any of the 10 jobs.

The Democratic Headquarters is on 816 Erie Avenue across from Fountain Park. Amanda Stys is the Obama Field Organizer, her number is (920)445-3805. The HQ office number is (920)395-5540.

The office is open every day from 10am – 8pm except Sunday (open from 12pm-8pm).