DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on tonight’s vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky:

“Tonight’s debate-which Vice President Biden clearly and decisively won-showcased two very different approaches to facts, details and core convictions: Vice President Biden understands they matter, and Congressman Paul Ryan obviously does not.

“At no point tonight was Ryan able to offer a straightforward answer or specific explanation as to how he and Mitt Romney’s tax plan would be anything but devastating to the middle class, how doubling down on trickle-down will result in the creation of one single job now, how the Romney-Ryan ticket’s policy on Iran would be different from President Obama’s, or exactly what their plan is for our troops serving in Afghanistan. And women across the country watching tonight’s debate were not given any guarantee by Paul Ryan that they would continue to have control over decisions affecting their own health, their own lives, and their own bodies.

“Meanwhile, Vice President Biden demonstrated that honest answers and concrete details do make a difference-and he consistently used them tonight to underscore the fact that he’s spent his entire life fighting for America’s middle-class families. He and President Obama will proudly continue to do so in a second term, as they keep moving our country forward with an economy built from the middle out.”

From: democrats.org