In just a few months, the first Wisconsin ballots will be cast in the fall election.

And we’ve got work to do. To pick up the pace, and to reach even more of our fellow Sheboygan Co. residents to ask them to support President Obama and other Democrats, we’re re-opening the doors of our campaign office in Sheboygan. If you’re ready to help kick things into high gear, join us to celebrate at the re-dedicated Sheboygan office, 816 Erie Ave. in Sheboygan, this Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Will we see you there?

From now until November 6th, supporters like you will be swinging by this office to meet up for shifts, learn how to be a part of the organizing this fall, get updates on the progress we’re all making, and share skills so we can all make the most of the time we’ve got left.

This Wednesday is a perfect chance to get a feel for the office and the people who will make it our home base for our get-out-the-vote efforts here in Sheboygan.

We have to make every one of these last few months count — so I hope you can be there on Wednesday to celebrate, and to help drive that work forward.

Say you’ll be there at

Hope you can make it.