Tammy Baldwin

One day left until the Brat Day Parade. Come walk or ride with us and have a great time on a summer morning.  For the parade to be a success we need a large group, so come on out and have some fun this Saturday.

We are assigned position #43 in the parade and we will be assembling after 8am on 8th Street Between Center Ave. & Pennsylvania Ave. on the East side of the street. We can’t wait to have you there along with Tammy Baldwin on Saturday, August 4th.

The parade starts at 9am and begins at North Eighth Street and Center Avenue, travels north on Eighth Street to Erie Avenue, west on Erie Avenue to North 17th Street and south on 17th Street to Kiwanis Park.

Our theme for the Brat Days Parade is, appropriately, re-electing the President or “Ordering a Double ‘Brat’ Obama”. See you this weekend and let’s have some fun! Thank you in advance for your help.