Though we are all obviously disappointed with the results of the election last night, I could not be prouder of the work that so many of you put in for Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell this election. I could not be prouder of the conversation you started all those many months ago, from the steps of the Capitol in

Madison, to the sidewalks in your own communities.

I thank you for all that you have done to continue that conversation with neighbors at home and fellow Wisconsinites all across the State. I hope that you will continue to fight for your rights and the rights of all people of Wisconsin. We’re not done, not by a long shot, and we will continue to fight against fundamental changes to the Wisconsin way.

Scott Walker remains Governor of the State of Wisconsin, but no longer will the working class people of Wisconsin be left out of the conversation. The debate must continue. Wisconsin has issues that need to be fixed, but the middle class cannot solely bear the responsibility of fixing them.

Unions must be able to provide basic protections for their workers and be allowed to come to the table to find common ground with their employers. Rights hard fought for and won over many years should not be sacrificed so that a privileged few have to sacrifice nothing at all.

Finally, we cannot abide a democracy that allows unlimited money to control who is in power in our Government. We cannot allow the people to have their voice taken away. To quote Mike Tate, DPW Chair, “Regardless of party, Wisconsin must be Wisconsin again, without the big money Tea Party influence that has colonized our state, turned neighbor-against-neighbor and created an idea dangerous to democracy, that our very government is up for sale.”

Today we look ahead to November. Today we continue the fight. Today we begin this conversation anew.

Andrew Bubb
Sheboygan Co. Dems