Tomorrow morning we start the final push to recall Governor Walker. If you’ve already signed up for a shift to canvass, distribute literature or make phone calls, thanks! If you weren’t sure if you could until now, there’s still time! Just stop in at the Campaign Headquarters at 816 Erie Ave. in Sheboygan.

You can also call (920)395-5540 for more information or to volunteer. We are going all out this Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Election Day to turn out Barrett & Mitchell supporters on Tuesday.

We need to make sure every last person in Sheboygan County that is concerned about Scott Walker’s jobs record, attacks on workers’ rights, attacks on women’s rights, de-funding of public education, and tax increases on our senior citizens and others who can least afford them, gets to the polls to cast their ballot for Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell.

It is imperative that you vote, but of utmost importance is the work we will do together these next few days. This election will have far-reaching implications for the future of our state. Please join us and let’s get Wisconsin back on the right path this Tuesday by working hard to get Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell elected as Governor and Lt. Governor of Wisconsin.

Thank you!