There are now 6 days left until the recall election.  Our Campaign Headquarters at 816 Erie Ave. is up and running, but we need you to make it work.  We will be open EVERY DAY now through the election.

Make sure to get in to sign up for a shift or two for Get Out The Vote weekend canvassing, distributing literature or making phone calls.  You can also call us at (920)395-5540.

This election will be extremely close. The only way that we can win is if we contact every possible Barrett/Mitchell supporter we can and make sure they get to the poll. If you haven’t voted yet, you have until 5pm this Friday June 1st.  Just stop on in to your local municipal clerk’s office and vote today! You can find your clerk’s location HERE. Early voting is now ended, but you can still vote on Tuesday, June 5th. You can register at the polls and you DO NOT NEED ID TO VOTE THIS ELECTION!

Finally our last shipment of Barrett and Mitchell yard signs arrived today.  This should take us through the election.  Get yours at the Campaign Headquarters before they’re gone.

Thank you all for your hard work as we move into the last weekend of this campaign and work to recall Scott Walker.