Now that the primary has passed and candidates have been chosen by voters to be the Party nominees, the Sheboygan County Democratic Party stands strongly behind Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell, who will replace Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch on June 5th.

The following is a statement from Sheboygan County Chair Andrew M. Bubb about the upcoming general election.

“We’ve all witnessed Scott Walker’s destruction firsthand. We’ve all seen how he’ll say one thing, then do another. We’ve all heard the promises that have become lies. We’ve all been affected by his harmful, extremist agenda that hurts Wisconsin’s working families and rolls back our rights. And soon, we all will replace him.

“The voters have chosen Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell to lead us to victory on June 5th against Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. Tom Barrett has the experience and knowledge to pull us out of the hole Scott Walker has dug us into. Tom Barrett also has something Scott Walker lacks: an ability to listen to the voters who elected him. That, combined with an interest in doing what is right for all of Wisconsin’s residents — not just a select few of the rich, special interests as Walker has — is what makes him the best candidate to take on and beat Scott Walker.

“Mahlon Mitchell is a fresh face to politics and that’s what we need now. He will work across every corner of the state to heal the harm Walker, Kleefisch and their radical, right-wing agenda has caused. Mahlon Mitchell will also new ideas and new ways of thinking that will take us to a position needed for Wisconsin’s future growth.

“Together, Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell will lead us to victory on June 5th against Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch, so we can return to the values of compassion, care and understanding for Wisconsin’s middle-class, working families.”