The polls are now OPEN!

For those of you who are residents of the City of Sheboygan, don’t forget to vote TODAY Tuesday, February 21st, for the Mayoral Recall election.

In addition to the Recall Election there are several other races in the City and throughout the County.

There are three candidates on the ballot in the Sheboygan 4th District Aldermanic Primary in addition to 2 write-in candidates. The 4th District (map) includes Wards 13, 14 and 15 and is bordered by Superior Avenue on the north, South 14th Street on the west, Georgia Avenue on the south, and Lake Michigan on the east. Find out more about the candidates and the write-in campaigns on the Sheboygan Press.

There are three candidates on the ballot in the Sheboygan 1st District Aldermanic Primary.  The 1st District (map) includes Wards 1, 2 and 3 and is partially by North Avenue and Bell Avenue on the south, Lake Michigan on the east, the City limits to the north and Taylor Drive to the west (make sure to check the map). Find out more about the candidates on the Sheboygan Press.

There is a primary for the 12th District County Board seat, which represents Wards 2 and 3 in the Town of Herman, the Town of Mosel, and Wards 1-3 in the Town of Sheboygan.  Find out more about the candidates on the Sheboygan Press.

The Town of Plymouth is holding a primary election for Alderman in the 1st District. Also, there is a primary election for Kewaskum School Board being held in Ward 1 in the Town of Mitchell and Wards 1-3 in the Town of Scott.  Four candidates are running for two open spots.  The Sheboygan Press has an article on the candidates.

Polls opened at 7am and close at 8pm.  You can find your polling place and voter registration status HERE at

Also, you will be required to show ID at the polls in this election due to the Voter ID law that has now gone into effect.  Find out more about the requirements HERE at

Another effect of the change to the law is that Friday, February 17th was the last day for early voting.  If you are not yet registered, YOU CAN STILL REGISTER on election day.  Information on registering on election day can be found HERE at