SHEBOYGAN-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Sheboygan County Chair Andrew Bubb regarding the recall efforts of Scott Walker that began today.

“Today, the Democratic Party of Sheboygan County joins dozens of grassroots groups across the state in beginning the recall of Scott Walker. We do not begin this undertaking lightly, but Walker has put Wisconsin’s way of life in jeopardy with a radical agenda that puts the good of corporations and cronies before the good of the citizens of our state. Massive cuts to education and healthcare have been accompanied by assaults on democratic institutions and the ability of citizens to have their voices heard.

Since Scott Walker would not listen to the people of Wisconsin, and since he has made clear that he will continue to deceive the public and employ scorched-earth tactics that run contrary to our norms and traditions, we now employ the tool of recall to help preserve our state.

The road ahead is long, and Walker’s corporate allies will shower our state with millions of dollars in unregulated sleazy money to preserve their agenda, but, in the end, no amount of money can keep Scott Walker from accountability, and that begins today.”