This is it. This is history.

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After weeks of discussion and positive collaboration with grassroots activists like you, today comes an historic announcement. In collaboration with United Wisconsin, the grassroots effort to recall Scott Walker will begin Nov. 15th.

It has become clearer than ever that the people of Wisconsin – the traditions and institutions of our great state – cannot endure any more of Scott Walker’s abuses. To preserve Wisconsin, we must begin the recall of Walker as soon as possible.

This means that we only have a month to organize, train and fund an army of volunteers who will need to collect more than 540,208 valid recall signatures.

There are many ways that you will be able to help, but right now, as we announce this extraordinary undertaking, we need you to sign up to volunteer your time or make a donation.

We want this page ( Recall HQ) , which will be updated frequently, to serve as a resource for you, with answers to your questions about the recall process and ways you can help, as well as provide a rationale for why we are taking this extraordinary step to hold Scott Walker accountable.

Scott Walker was dishonest with the people of Wisconsin when he ran for Governor.  Soon after he took office, he proposed a radical change to state law by trying to take away state workers’ rights to collective bargaining which he never mentioned once during the campaign.

We cannot sit back and allow Scott Walker to continue to dismantle our education system, run our government as an auxiliary of corporate special interests, put our clean air and water at risk, and ignore an unemployment crisis that his policies exacerbated.


Wisconsin can’t wait. The time to recall Scott Walker is now.

Thank you,

Mike Tate – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman