ONE LAST REMINDER – We really need you to come on out for the 2011 Brat Days parade. We’re going to have a great time, but it will be much better with you there!  We’ve got candy to hand out, a cooler full of refreshments for participants, and a ride on the float for those that want one.

We are position #21 and will be lining up between 7th and 8th Streets on Center Ave. This is near the entrance to the parking lot of the old Grand Executive hotel (just a little West of where we started the 4th of July parade from). A map of the parade lineup can be found HERE (PDF 35K).  The parade marshalls will be wearing GREEN shirts if you need help locating our spot

The 4th of July parade was a blast and we hope you can join us again, or come out for the first time if you missed the last one.  Walk or ride the parade route with with us and grab a double-brat when we’re finished.

In addition to POSITIVE messages about jobs, healthcare, seniors, the environment and other Democratic issues – we will have handouts from the Government Accountability Board with information on the new Voter ID Law requirements.

This terrible law has passed, and we need to make sure the residents of Wisconsin know how they can preserve their franchise in the wake of this far Right-Wing voter suppression attempt.  You can get a copy of the handout on the Voter ID Law page of our website or HERE (PDF 18KB).

You are also welcome to bring your own POSITIVE Democratic/Issues signs.  Make sure to bring out your entire family for this great event. The parade starts at 9:00am so we need you to be there around 8:30am.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Parade Route:

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