The protest will now be outside the Seabird restaurant at Blue Harbor in Sheboygan.

Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing group started by the Koch Brothers, will stop at Nino’s in Sheboygan on Thursday (tomorrow!) at 4:30pm as part of a statewide tour.

Their goal is to start galvanizing support to recall the 14 Democratic Senators.

Starting at 4pm on Thursday we need….

LOTS of peaceful people on the sidewalks surrounding Nino’s with peaceful signs.

Remember….our protest is peaceful and democratic….which is the best way to make our point(s) and make the news!!

Examples of signs:
We LOVE the Wisconsin 14!
“Support Working Families”,
“Suport the Middle Class”
“Support OUR Schools, Support OUR Teachers, Support OUR Children”
“Collective Bargaining!”
“We Support Badgercare!”

See you there!