Annually the Sheboygan County Democratic Party holds an election for party officers and members of the Executive Board. To qualify to become a member of the executive board you need to be a member of the  Democratic Party.

If you are interested is serving, please call Mari Falk who is chairing the Nomination Committee. The actual election of officers will be during the October Executive Board Meeting. All members of the Sheboygan County Democratic party are welcome to attend and vote for your favorite Executive Board members. The current nominations are:

Chairperson: Andrew Bubb
First Vice Chair: Flossie Meyer (new)
Second Vice Chair: Carol Zoran
Secretary: Diane Ebenreiter (new)
Treasurer: Anita Klein
Sergeant-at-Arms: Tom Stoelb (new)
Public Relations: Tim Lorenz
Membership: Mary Jo Stoelb
Additional Members: Cynthia Devine, Ed Filemyr, Mari Falk & Cal Potter

We are always looking for new people!

Angela Sutkiewicz resigned from the Board due to her appoinment as Circuit Court Judge, Ken Nyhuis is relinquishing the Sergeant at Arms position because of health and John Webb is leaving for other reasons.  On behalf of the Executive Board and myself, we would like to thank these individuals for their outstanding service to the Sheboygan County Democratic party