The Sheboygan County Democratic Party will be hosting a debate between the two candidates in this year’s Democratic Primary for the 26th State Assembly District seat: incumbent Terry Van Akkeren and challenger Juan Perez.

The debate will be held at the Josephine A. Rocca Meeting Room in the Mead Public Library (710 N. 8th St.) in Sheboygan on Monday, August 23rd at 6:00pm.

The debate will be moderated by First Vice Chairperson of the Sheboygan County Democratic Party and former State Assemblyman and Senator, Cal Potter.

UPDATE:  The format of the debate has been finalized.  The candidates will be given three minutes for an opening statement.  Questions will be asked of the candidates and each candidate will be given three minutes to respond.  The first candidate to respond will be given a one minute rebuttal period.

Speaking order will be determined by coin toss and will alternate between the candidates for each subsequent question.

In addition to questions received prior to the debate, members of the audience will be able to submit questions in writing.  A panel consisting of a representative from each candidate’s campaign and a representative from the Sheboygan County Democratic Party will combine questions of a similar nature and decide which questions will be presented to the candidates.

We encourage you to submit your questions for the candidates.  We will use as many of your submissions as possible to form the program for the moderator.  Please send all question submissions to [email protected].  We look forward to the debate and hope to see you there.