This morning America wakes up to a bright new future.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been elected to be the next President and Vice President of the United States.  Celebrations here at home, across the Country and even around the World went well into the night – or morning, or afternoon.

Today we begin the healing process.  Our Nation is beginning to emerge from a long period of darkness.  It will not be easy.  The challenges that are looming are great and at times may seem overwhelming.  However the thing this election has shown more than anything else is that America is ready to put aside our historical divisions and come together to do the work that needs to be done to renew the promise and hope that our Country was founded upon.

It is time to right the wrongs of the past and begin building a better place to live for ourselves and our neighbors, both here in America and around the world.  That change begins now.  The future we have been longing for begins today.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers who put in countless hours campaigning for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Terry Van Akkeren, Roger Kittelson, Bob Cox and all of our other local candidates.  We didn’t win all our races last night, but we did well in laying the foundation for Democratic Candidates in elections to come.

Without you walking, calling, knocking, talking and walking some more, we would not be here.  You are all part of something great, a movement not seen in a generation.  For many of us it is a movement not seen in our lifetimes.  The thousands of contacts we made over the last year and earlier are what got us to where we are today.

I encourage you to stay active in making a difference here at home and around the world.  I invite you all to become members or renew your membership in the Sheboygan County Democratic Party and help us stay strong in the years to come.  I look forward to seeing you all soon and continuing on this new and exciting journey together.

Thank you,

Andrew Bubb
Sheboygan Co. Dems