This is it everyone, Get Out The Vote Weekend is underway!  This is our last chance to make sure everyone who can vote knows why Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be better for America and that everyone who has said they plan on voting for an Obama/Biden ticket gets to the polls on Tuesday, November 4th.

We need you to do this work.  This campaign has been built upon the efforts of ordinary citizens like you and me.  We are what this campaign is all about.  We cannot stop now.  We will not stop now.  The polls may be in our favor, but polls cannot win elections, votes do.

With some of the nicest weather seen in a long time forecasted for these first few days of November along with all of the different jobs that need to be done to make sure we win this Tuesday there’s no reason to stay home.  Please give as much time as you can and work hard for Obama from now through the Election so we can rest easy Wednesday morning in the knowledge that a brighter future lay ahead for America.

Obama Campaign for Change and Sheboygan Co. Democratic Party HQ
501 N. 8th Street Sheboygan, WI
Northeast Corner of 8th & Pennsylvania Ave.
Call or Stop in to Volunteer!

Open 10am-10pm Daily (Or Later)