In these last few days before the election we need you to make sure Barack Obama wins the Presidency so we can see real Change in America, we need you to make sure that Terry Van Akkeren stays in the Assembly to fight for us, and we need you to send Roger Kittelson to Washington to make Washington work for us.

How?  Make a call.  Knock on a door.  Drop off some literature.  Drive someone to the polls to vote, perhaps for the first time, on Election Day.  But most importantly, Vote!  If you haven’t done so already, stop in at your Municipal Clerk’s office and vote early.  Then take off Election day if you can and help out with GOTV efforts.

You can start any time.  Literature packets are now ready to go for delivery.  Stop in at the Headquarters or contact Mary Jo Stoelb by email or at (920)458-0494 for more information.  Help us get this important information into the hands of the entire County.

Phone banking and canvassing are being done all the time.  This weekend will be a dry run for GOTV weekend.  Stop in at the Headquarters starting at 10am on Saturday to take part in this effort.

Thank you to everyone who has and will be volunteering.  This entire endeavor started with people just like you all over the Country spreading our message of change.  With only 10 days left, don’t stop now!

Obama Campaign for Change and Sheboygan Co. Democratic Party HQ
501 N. 8th Street Sheboygan, WI
Northeast Corner of 8th & Pennsylvania Ave.
Open 10am-10pm Daily