On Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow interviewed U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota on her show on MSNBC.  Senator Klobuchar had been in Sheboygan earlier that morning to attend a Women’s Event where she met with local residents and spoke about Women’s issues and the Obama campaign.

During the event the Senator was presented with one of the now famous “Brat” Obama buttons by Party Secretary Angela Sutkiewicz.  When Senator Klobuchar went on the Rachel Maddow show later that night she proudly showed off her “Brat” Obama button, making sure to mention that Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capital of the Universe.

Watch the video excerpt from MSNBC or read the transcript below where Senator Klobuchar goes on to explain why the American people are turning to Barack Obama as we face a financial crisis…

October 8, 2008

Joining us now: Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. She is supporting Barack Obama for president.

Senator Klobuchar, thank you so much for joining us

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR, (D) OBAMA SUPPORTER: Well, it’s great to be on, Rachel. Thanks for having me on again.

MADDOW: The Wisconsin advertising project. Reports today that 100 percent.


MADDOW: . of the TV ads McCain is running right now are negative ads, attack ads about Obama. Only 1/3 of Obama’s ads are negative. My feeling is that negative ads usually worked. Do you think it’s going to be a tough month ahead?

KLOBUCHAR: You know, when you see that debate last night, every time when Americans think about the pocketbook issues that matter to them, we do well, because Barack Obama has a clear plan for this economy.

And I got to tell you, I was just in Wisconsin, Rachel. I was in small towns. I watched the debate last night in Green Bay and Sheboygan is there for Barack Obama. In fact, they brought you a button from Wisconsin, Rachel, that I thought you’d like. Sheboygan is the bratwurst capital of the universe. It’s a Brat (ph) Obama button.


KLOBUCHAR: So, I got to tell you, the people I talked to there-have you seen it? It’s a collector’s item. It’s for you. They wanted you to have it.

MADDOW: Thank you. Thank you very much.


But here’s the deal, when I was in Wisconsin and we watched that debate together, people were focused on Barack Obama’s plan for the economy. I think it was helpful how he was able to clarify his tax cuts for the middle-class despite all the lies from the other side on this.

And the other thing, when McCain put forward his proposal on the mortgages, I got to tell you, that was news for me. I lived and breathed that debate. For two weeks in the Capitol, he never made it in the chamber; he never made it on the street corner. We never heard it before when we actually put that rescue package through.

But one of the things we’ve learned today, and I talked to one of Senator Obama’s economic advisors today, if we look more of what Barack’s plan, is that actually it’s different than some of what we’ve been talking about.

He-what McCain is talking about, what McCain is talking about here is buying the mortgages at face value, which actually means that the banks will be held whole. So, the banks will be in good shape, money into their coffers. But money out of the taxpayers’ pockets because there is just no upside for the taxpayers here and I think you’re going to hear more about that tomorrow — $300 billion all at face value for these mortgages with no upside for the taxpayers.

MADDOW: Even if you don’t really know anything about markets and the economy, most people know that buying high and selling low is a bad strategy. And that’s what he is proposing in this mortgage bill.

KLOBUCHAR: Well, and that’s-exactly. And it’s very different when you look back at the depression and what went on there where you had actually negotiation for these mortgages. This is actually just buying them at face value and it’s very troubling.

And you add to that, he’s trying to do a game-changer in the middle of the debate. No meat on the bones for this proposal. And just like when he suspended his campaign and tried to cancel the debate, it didn’t change the game. Barack Obama won that debate for the people of America.

MADDOW: If this were a race for governor of Minnesota or governor of Wisconsin instead of for president, would you want Barack Obama’s message on the economy and the overall balance of his message, how much time he’s spending talking about the economy, would you want it to be the same to voters in the states like yours, in states like yours such important swing states, want to hear what Barack Obama is saying right now or is there some way you’d like to nudge him?

KLOBUCHAR: You know, I think when you look at the number of people that watched that debate last night-we beat out “American Idol.” The people of America are listening to that economic message. They care about it.

When I was in Wisconsin yesterday, I’m starting on an R.V. tour tonight in Colorado with the governor here and Senator Salazar, people are just turning out in cafes. They want to have the answer. They want to hear more about Senator Obama’s healthcare plan. They don’t care about lipstick and all these negative ads and all these things that you are hearing from the other side and these snarky comments.

They were offended last night, I got to tell you, when Senator McCain would hardly look at Senator Obama. In the last debate he wouldn’t look at him. In this debate, he called him “that one.” I got numerous comments all today, traveling to small towns in Wisconsin, about how they thought McCain seemed angry.

And, you know, I’m sure he’s angry because the economy we’re seeing, just really the chickens coming home to roost from years of the Republican policies. And it’s coming at a very inopportune time for him.

Well, guess what? It’s coming at an inopportune time for the middle class in this country. And they are listening and they are listening to Senator Obama. So, as much as John McCain doesn’t want people to listen to the truth and the facts here, the people of America are listening.

MADDOW: Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, good luck on your R.V. tour. And thanks for your time tonight.

KLOBUCHAR: Thank you. It’s great to be on, Rachel.