JUST IN!  A new shipment of yard signs has come in to the Campaign Headquarters.  We are asking for, but not requiring, a $3 donation per sign to help defray the expense of the yard signs and wire hangers which was outlaid by the local Party.

The are also campaign buttons for sale at $3 each or 2/$5 and Obama/Biden bumper stickers available for sale at $2 each. Stay tuned for updates as to when more items come in.

While you’re at the office we are always looking for more volunteers to make telephone calls, do canvassing walks and other much needed work to get out the vote for Barack Obama this November.  Sign up while you’re there or call (920) 457-5160 for more information.

We are now less than a month from the election and every bit of help counts.  While yard signs do a great job of showing your support of the Democratic ticket to your neighbors, they can’t reach everyone.  That’s why we need your help in volunteering.

Signs are available on a first come/first served basis.  Get them while they’re here and thank you for your support.