The City of Sheboygan Clerk’s office will be holding a training session and deputizing residents to register people to vote this coming Wednesday, 7/30 at 3:30pm.  The training session will last about 1 hour and will take place at the City Clerk’s office which is located on the second floor of City Hall, 828 Center Ave.

The more citizens that are able to stand up for themselves and make their cry for change heard by exercising their right to vote the better our chance to effect that change this November.  Join myself and fellow residents of Sheboygan on Wednesday in becoming deputized to register your neighbors to vote for the very first time.

If you are not a resident of the City of Sheboygan, you can find your Municipal Clerk in this list maintained by the Elections Division of the Government Accountability Board of Wisconsin.  Call your Clerk and find out how you can register people to vote in your municipality.

If you are not deputized to register voters you can also print out and give to or point someone to Form EB 131, Application for Voter Registration if they are interested in registering.  They can fill out this form, gather the proper proof of residence per the intructions on the form, and mail these documents to their Municipal Clerk to register to vote.